The resources here will provide you with the basic tools to run a one-day workshop to gain feedback from patients, their families and carers. Resources include slides and presenter notes, as well as worksheets. The slides can be adapted as you need, and they have been left quite plain so that you can add your logo and some of your own images to personalise them to your own organisation.  The information in the workshop complements the fact sheets, so you can print these out and give them to participants on the day also.

During the workshop, if you collect information from patients/family members/carers using our worksheets, as a free service, you can send the written notes to us and we will type them up into a word document for you. We will also store that data for you in our secure database. Then, over time we will be able to collectively see and compare the experience of patients in Australia. For a small fee, we can also summarise the feedback into a written report for you to use for advocacy purposes. We would love to be able to do this free of charge to non-profit organisations, but for now need to cover some of our costs as best we can.

The design of the workshop gives participants the opportunity to learn more about the health system, research and services available to them, while also taking time to reflect on their own experience and future expectations, and document this.